European Market

The European IT Services M&A market is surging with consolidation driven by the ongoing digital transformation wave, shifts in managed services, and attention from private equity firms.
2023 has seen and will continue to see a spike in M&A activity as businesses seek digital transformation for market competitiveness. With a projected spending of $380 billion and a 6.6% year-on-year growth, the European IT Services market is set for significant expansion.
Cybersecurity, DevOps, software development, quality assurance, digital transformation, low code, and managed services will take centre stage in upcoming deals.

Dutch Market

Private Equity is driving consolidation in the booming Dutch IT Services market, with 25+ platform companies in the digital transformation/managed services sector. Below an overview of Buy & Build platforms in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands ranks fourth in Europe for IT Services transactions, trailing the United Kingdom, Germany, and France. Our research highlights a notable rise in financially-backed strategic buyers, increasing from ~30% in 2018 to ~40% in 2022.

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