Growth / Equity Capital

You can count on the expertise of Capitalmind at all stages of the business lifecycle: arranging capital, optimizing capital structures, and thoroughly analyzing all forms of capital raising. Our direct access and longstanding relationships with the relevant players in the funding market – banks, private equity, family offices, and other debt and capital providers – offer many opportunities for financing and growing your business.

Our team has a proven track-record of successfully raising capital, and has expertise in all its aspects:

  • Raising capital to support business growth
  • Securing capital from private equity and/or other Investors to support MBO/MBI projects
  • Securing capital from private equity and/or other investors to manage changes in the shareholding structure (such as supporting the buyout of one or more shareholders and the reallocation of equity shares)
  • Project financing: supporting companies in realizing essential investments or working capital
  • Refinancing: supporting companies in reorganizing/reducing their debt burden