Whether your company, or you as a shareholder or creditor need help, we can advise you on excessive indebtedness or “near bankruptcy situations” – arranging for your needs and/or establishing a more sustainable, long-term capital structure. We also help trustees/administrators in (near) bankruptcy to arrange capital, or sell distressed businesses or divisions.

Capitalmind has direct and high-level access to numerous international (alternative) equity and debt providers (including private equity and banks). We have restructured many deals, from EUR 10 million up to several billion euros.

Our restructuring services include:

  • Financial (re)structuring concepts
  • Value, debt and salability analysis
  • A “stop the bleeding” approach from a pragmatic, business-minded and cash perspective
  • Raising fresh capital, divestiture of business assets, and/or capital placement via (alternative) equity and/or debt investors
  • Negotiating restructuring agreements with all stakeholders

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