Once again this year Capitalmind Investec, together with ABN Amro and PwC, organized the 14th edition of the inspiring food event: Food for Growth. The event took place at the beautiful external location VRIJ in Culemborg where chairman of the day Joost Hoebink enthusiastically welcomed the group of entrepreneurs, CEOs and CFOs within the Dutch Food & Agro sector.

The event focused on „impactful sourcing“ in an unstable and troubled world. Central themes were how to ensure food supply in times of geopolitical instability and climate change and what are the pros and cons of local versus global sourcing. Also discussed was how to make the food chain more transparent and sustainable.

External speakers from reputable companies provided food for thought:

Louise van Schaik (Head of Unit EU & Global Affairs bij Clingendael) deelde een inzicht dat ons allen raakte:

„The geopolitical situation we are in now is causing de-globalization and that makes trade flows extra vulnerable.“ She added, „The current geopolitical turmoil is leading to protectionism with the result that countries such as China and also the EU are considering how to ensure their own food security within national borders.

Volkert Engelsman (founder of Eosta) emphasized the importance of neat math. He explained that in the new economy, profit is only really profit if the planet and society also win. That will soon be a prerequisite for meeting the expectations of your accountant (CSRD), bank (climate and biodiversity stress tests), customer, NGOs and other stakeholders.

‚Nothing wrong with profit but then do the math properly and don’t secretly pass on the social costs to taxpayers or future generations.‘

Nadia Menkveld (sector economist at ABN AMRO) reminded us of the vulnerability of our food industry in light of climate change:

Our food industry is vulnerable to climate change.

After the official program, there was room for informal drinks, including vegan & organic bites and socializing with industry peers – a meaningful conclusion to an inspiring day.

If you couldn’t attend but are curious about the event, contact Jasper Erhardt for more information or for next year’s event.

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