We are happy to announce our latest cooperation: together with the magazine „Die Unternehmervertrauten“ we are organizing an exlusive round table on the 25th September 2018 in Augsburg in Germany. The networking event brings together professionals from tax, audit, law firms and offers brandnew presentations from clients, interesting discussions and a professional and trusty exchange. Your business and client relationship will benefit from the hands-on insights and tips. Take the opportunity of on-site networking with Capitalmind Investec’s Partners. More insights

Events in:

  • Ludwigsburg:         10 july 2018
  • Mannheim:            18 september 2018
  • Augsburg:               25 september 2018
  • Duisburg:                27 september 2018
  • Braundschweig:    16 october 2018
  • Hamburg :              30 october 2018

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