Benelux Corporate Finance Advisory Firm of the Year 2016

Capitalmind Investec Benelux was awarded for the Finance Advisory Firm of the Year 2016, by Acquisition International magazine from the UK.

The 2016 AI Global Excellence Awards have been launched to recognise and reward the firms whose commitment to outstanding performance has seen them leading the way, not only in their own sector or industry, but across the entire global corporate spectrum.

Through these awards, AI Magazine is showcasing the work of firms at the top of their game and how they go above and beyond for their clients time and time again. Honouring these top performers is done through a rigorous and in-depth selection process from our in-house award specialists. The firms were selected based on proven performance over the past 12 months, guaranteeing that all award recipients were chosen purely on merit and can take pride in the knowledge that they truly deserve their place among this year’s esteemed winners.


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