Capitalmind Investec

We are one European Team. As ambitious minds we share one culture, common values and an entrepreneurial spirit. We invest significantly to thoroughly understand your business and are determined to lead our clients deals to great success – no matter what!

Who we are

In the Netherlands, the team consists of 15 people. Entrepreneurship, a hands-on approach, responsibility and involvement in every layer in the organization, team spirit and conviviality are high on Capitalmind Investec’s list. There is an informal corporate culture with short lines of communication. In order to properly train our people, we have our own Capitalmind Investec Academy with a training program that combines external training and courses and where there is room for further substantive development and to get to know international colleagues better through social activities.


Capitalmind Investec is an international M&A firm where you work on many cross-border deals in the mid-market and can learn a lot with a close-knit team of professionals who see each other not only as colleagues but also as friends.

Sayed Deliri, Associate / Benelux

As an intern at Capitalmind Investec I find the atmosphere very pleasant. I have already learned a lot and I believe that with this team, I will be able to learn much more.

Lynouk van Hassel, Intern / Benelux

A truly international M&A boutique with an entrepreneurial environment, we all work together like a big family. Compared to the Big 4, you are working closely with management teams and private equity firms right from the start.

Stefano Buratta, Associate / Benelux

Our office

We work from a stylish, modern, homely interior, spaciously set up, where everyone has their own professional workplace and there is the possibility to withdraw to separate rooms for consultations in both formal and informal settings. We work in an open office environment with short lines and transparency. We have a separate lunch facility with a football table and lounge area to relax in between. Our location is very easily accessible, located along the highway with ample parkingspace.


Our Happiness Team provides social activities and surprises and therefore creates a lot of connection among the team. With our Benelux team we regularly have drinks on Friday afternoons. In addition to cozy dinners with the whole team, we also periodically have fun trips, such as our recent trip to Iceland.

Every year we also organize our international summit, a combination of a substantive and fun program, such as sports, cooking workshops, evening outings, going to clubs, etc. In addition, we offer the possibility of international exchanges where desired to experience what it is like to live and work in one of our other offices in Paris, Frankfurt, Berlin, Zurich and Copenhagen and visit our global partners in the UK and US.