Piles of cash for mid-market companies in Western Europe – alternative capital providers and international banks keen to lend

Following the financial crisis local bank credit has become harder to tap for mid-market companies, even for those performing strongly. Fortunately some international banks have remained active, while alternative capital providers have been filling the gap, providing a vast array of attractive and customizable solutions.

Key findings:

  • Non-bank capital
  • International capital
  • International bank appetite
  • Non-transparency of capital
  • International advice

Bart Jonkman

Associé - Europe
Benelux, Scandinavie

“The market for non-bank debt is booming. Debt and mezzanine funds in Europe and further abroad are more han ever interested in financing mid-market companies.
Even businesses that have traditionally relied on banks and
Private Equity investors are also turning to alternative (international) capital providers for different layers of finance and risk.”

Michel Degryck

Associé - Europe

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