In 2023, two Managed Services Provider (MSP) Platform dinners were organised where Capitalmind Investec was asked to share insights on the evolving landscape of transactions within the MSP market in the Benelux. These events were organized as a result of marketing our IT Services 2023 report.

The dinners brought together key industry C-level executives from main MSP platforms such as Hallo, Futureproof Group B.V, The Digital Neighborhood, Rapid Circle, ilionx, Springboard Network, HSO Dynamic People and Conclusion, fostering the exchange of insights, experiences, and knowledge.

Beyond the culinary experience, the purpose of convening this group was to initiate discussions on the ongoing developments within the Dutch MSP space, with a specific focus on MSPs backed by private equity funding.

Additional perspectives were shared by other notable speakers, including Danny Burlage from Wortell, Stijn van den Brink from TSH and Jeroen den Haan from LogicMonitor.

Please contact Maurits Odekerken or Ron Belt for further information on the MSP market and further insights and reports.

1st: Ciel Bleu** (Jun 2023)

2nd: Aan de Poel ** (nov 2023)

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