Robust growth is set to continue across all major hosting subsectors over the next few years. Further consolidation is anticipated during this time as larger market participants continue to
pursue acquisition opportunities.

High profile hosting and telecom players will drive future sector growth and consolidation as they look to penetrate new market segments and innovations. Private equity (PE) firms are also
active in the sector, which is boosting valuations. They are attracted to hosting companies’ recurring revenue streams, high margins and also their expansion potential.

Ron Belt

Managing Partner

"Consolidation in the hosting industry looks set to continue as strong market growth and the need to offer scale, innovation and an international presence drives deal activity. Hosting companies and high profile telecom players will be active buyers in the next few years, with the latter looking to make important strategic acquisitions in order to break into new, high growth markets. PE groups are also expected to continue to execute a number of large hosting
transactions, paying attractive multiples whilst doing so."

Jean-Arthur Dattée


Arne Laarveld


Stig Madsen Lachenmeier

Managing Partner

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