Digital Disruption and Strategic Consolidation: Navigating the New Frontier in Industrial Services

Global Industrial Service

Technologization and Electrification along the full asset lifecycle to increase efficiency in industrial services and processes and comply with CO2 emission regulation.

Industrial Service Valuation drivers

The valuation of industrial services is primarily influenced by three pivotal factors. An increased involvement in the asset lifecycle and the ability to manage complex assets significantly enhance valuation metrics. Moreover, the intricacy of the service offered, and the dynamics of the target market further underpin these valuations. There is a notable shift towards a more comprehensive degree of asset stewardship, ranging from deploying personnel capable of operating the assets on-site to achieving full autonomy in asset management, thereby enhancing and operating the assets entirely independently from the end-user. Specifically, sectors such as energy and chemicals necessitate sophisticated services and assets, due to their inherent complexity and the critical nature of their operations.

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Ervin Schellenberg

Managing Partner - Europa

The industrial services sector is swiftly transitioning into a new age of 'technologization' where sustainability and operational efficiency are not merely goals but benchmarks of innovation.

The adoption of advanced digital tools, including AI/ML for data-driven sustainability, AR/VR for immersive training, and digital twins for optimized resource management, represents a quantum leap in service delivery.

As these technologies redefine the competitive landscape, we anticipate a surge in M&A activity as companies seek to leverage these disruptors to gain a strategic market advantage.

Julius Kreutz

Deal Team - Duitsland

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