Investec’s Private Company Fundraising team advised Think Better Group on its investment in growth stocks by ABN AMRO Sustainable Impact Fund.

About the deal

Investec has worked closely with Think Better Group over the past few months to position their investment strategy and find the right partner so that Think Better Group’s management team can focus on achieving their impressive mission. Despite the macroeconomic conditions, which impacted both the equity and bond markets, Investec has found the right partner for Think Better Group to deliver on its mission and long-term growth ambitions. With a partner in ABN AMRO, there is room for follow-up investments to finance acquisitions of sustainable companies in consumer products.

What we did

Investec’s extensive investor network of family offices, venture capital and private equity firms, strong global coverage and flexible approach to the deal process ensured a successful mandate. Investec provided strategic advice to the management team without accepting an advance fee, thus aligning with the Group’s success.

Heath Jansen, CEO of Think Better Group commented: “We are very grateful to Investec for the support they have provided us in completing the transaction with ABN AMRO Sustainable Impact Fund. We have worked closely with Investec for a long period of time, during which they have been a strong long-term partner in finding the right strategic investor to finance the future growth and acquisitions of sustainable brands of Think Better Group. We look forward to continuing to work with them as we scale up.”

Over Think Better Group

Think Better Group owns and operates a number of leading sustainable brands. They aim to provide consumers with alternatives to single-use plastic products in the consumer industry by prioritizing the use of plant-based materials. Think Better Group’s total portfolio of consumer brands currently eliminates 760 tons of plastic per year, the equivalent of 38 million single-use plastic bottles.

The company offers a unique e-commerce and retail platform with the ability to build and expand sustainable consumer brands. With the investment of ABN AMRO Sustainable Impact Fund, Think Better Group will scale up its investments in its existing brand portfolio and make further acquisitions of additional sustainable brands to complement this portfolio.

Target Headquarter
July 2023