For over 20 years, we have been helping entrepreneurs on key stages of their businesses. We can help you on:

  • Selling your company to a trade or financial buyer
  • Transferring of the company to your managers through MBOs (management buy-outs), enabling the company’s management to take over the company in association with a financial investor (minority or majority shareholder) as part of a family transfer, or transfer by you a (founding) entrepreneur.
  • Partial securing of assets through owner buy-outs (OBOs), enabling you as (founding) entrepreneur to extract some of the value you have created while retaining control of your company.
  • Acquisition projects domestically and abroad, and securing related financing where appropriate
  • Financing growth by securing financing that is more or less dilutive

Sale of KTBA to Mérieux NutriScience

Capitalmind Investec actively supported KTBA and its founder Ron Besseling, as exclusive advisor along the entire sell-side process.

“Joining the Mérieux network enables us to further achieve our professional and international ambitions. This move is the perfect match as both Mérieux NutriSciences and KTBA complement each other’s strategy!” 

Succes Story : Cementys

The support provided by Capitalmind Investec’s teams is characterised by a tailor-made, highly operational approach, enabling the entrepreneur to concentrate on the smooth running of the business and making strategic decisions related to the planned operation. The experience of Vincent Lamour, Chairman of Cementys, is a case in point.

Sale of Keley Consulting to Apside

Capitalmind Investec assisted the Keley Consulting Group and its founding partner Pierre Guimard throughout the sale process.

“Capitalmind Investec played a crucial role in the transaction. Their involvement was total at every stage of the deal, with great integrity.”


The team quickly understood our requirements and specifications. The transaction proceeded quickly, efficiently and smoothly, with milestone dates and regular updates. I particularly appreciated the closeness and simplicity of the relationship we established.

Michel Buso, CEO, Laude

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