About the deal

TrustCB, the global leader in cybersecurity certification, has been sold to NMi, a Dutch prominent TICC company and part of the US-based PE Levine Leichtman Capital Partners.

TrustCB is the only commercial Certification Body for the globally recognized Common Criteria cybersecurity standard, working with blue-chip clients and capable of certifying up to the highest levels (EAL7). TrustCB stands as a leading certifier of IT security products, processes, and services. Its versatility extends across a broad spectrum of schemes, including GSMA eSA, FeliCa, MIFARE, IoT (SESIP and PSA Certified) and other mobile devices.

NMi Group is active in mission-critical Testing, Inspection, Certification, and Calibration (TICC) services for measuring devices across various industries, including weighing, utilities, mobility, and oil & gas.

What we did

Capitalmind Investec leveraged its sector knowledge across the testing, inspection and certification (TIC) sector to support TrustCB in the transaction. We advised the shareholder of TrustCB throughout the sell-side process, with:
– Drafting info & marketing materials;
– Screening and selection of buyers through a competitive process;
– Managing price negotiations;
– Handling due diligence;
– Coordinating legal documentation phase.

Deal Type
Target Headquarter
January 2024