Capitalmind Investec has advised Gimv on the sale of Acceo, a leading French TIC services specialist, to Sagard

About the deal

Acceo is a tech-enabled TIC services provider which empowers property owners and managers to improve compliance, performance and sustainability of their assets and equipment. Across four business units (Lifts, Energy, Health & Safety and Accessibility), Acceo provides periodic and mandatory inspections, technical assessments, asset management & monitoring solutions and technical advisory.

Acquired by Gimv in 2016, the Group enjoyed sustainable growth over the recent past (+18% p.a. since 2021), thanks to its complementary offering, its end-to-end platform and promising positioning on energy booming markets.

Acceo is going through a new buy-out supported by Sagard to accelerate growth, by delivering strong potential on energy markets, strengthening national leadership position within other business units (notably Lifts and Health & Safety), and going international through build-ups.

What we did

Capitalmind Investec advised Acceo shareholders throughout the transaction process:

  • defining deal tactics and timing, designing a resilient equity story,
  • qualifying investors which were more likely to value Acceo positioning and support its development,
  • organizing an efficient and competitive bid process and creating the right level of tension to meet shareholders objectives,
  • managing a Lenders education process with financing institutions.
Target Headquarter
April 2024