About the deal

Capitalmind Investec has advised the founders of Axience Group (specialty veterinary pharma laboratory) in teaming up with Motion Equity Partner to accelerate future growth

Founded in 2001, Axience Group develops and markets pharmaceutical and OTC products primarily for companion animals, through its two brands Axience and Anidev. The Group holds a leading position on the analgesics and anesthetics segments in France and is also well-known in the field of infections prevention & control with a comprehensive range of antibiotics, as well as a range of hygiene & disinfection solutions for veterinary clinics. Recognized for its product innovation capabilities, Axience Group develops most of its products and markets them to 6,500 veterinary clinics in France through a sales force composed of 25 sales representatives. Positioned on a highly dynamic and resilient markets, driven by favorable macro trends such as the increasing pet humanization, the Group aims at pursuing its strong growth to become one of the reference specialty vet pharma laboratories in Europe.

Axience Group founders appointed Capitalmind Investec to assist them in finding the best partner to provide the Group with additional resources to seize growth opportunities available to the Group. Following a process that brought forth several projects, Motion Equity Partners emerged as the partner best suited to effectively support the Group.

What we did

Capitalmind Investec advised Axience Group founders throughout this project:

  • Deal preparation: define possible options, run preliminary discussions with potential partners ahead of the sales process to pre-select the most suitable pharmaceutical groups and financial partners, assist founders in drafting their development plan, prepare marketing materials required to run discussions, prepare for due diligence, prepare a lenders’ education.
  • Deal execution: set up & run a limited auction process with the partners carrying the most solid projects (solicitation of indicative offers, management meetings, DD monitoring, assistance in negotiations).

This new deal enriches Capitalmind Investec’s track-record in the animal healthcare space. It also illustrates its expertise in assisting entrepreneurs with their growth and transmission issues, as well as its commitment in supporting clients on the long-term as Capitalmind Investec assisted the Axience Group founders 4 years ago to secure a financing to support its own product development strategy.

The Capitalmind Investec team assisted us with great professionalism and diligence through what could have been a difficult process. However, this rite of passage allowed us to discover our company from a new angle. It also enabled us to choose among multiple options available to us to grow our business. The result of this high-quality work exceeded our expectations in every aspect.”

Laurent Flaus, Founder & CEO, Axience Group
Deal Type
Target Headquarter
February 2024