About the Deal

The Clinicum Alpinum private clinic opened in 2019 and focuses primarily on the treatment of psychiatric and psychosomatic clinical pictures as well as stress-related illnesses/consequential stress illnesses. The clinic is located in an alpine setting at 1,483 m above sea level and offers high-frequency psychotherapy and a wide range of individually tailored special therapies in addition to an individualised treatment plan. Nestled in the Liechtenstein mountains, the Healing Environment concept for mental illness has been implemented to the highest quality. 

The Limes Schlosskliniken Group is positioned in the market for high-quality private clinics for psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychosomatics. The first location opened in 2016 was a clinic in Mecklenburg Switzerland with 90 rooms and large parkland; in the meantime, five further locations have been added in Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Limes Schlosskliniken AG, domiciled in Cologne, is the central holding company and provides central services in the area of strategic, financial and operational management as well as with regard to central brand development, marketing and acquisition and the development of new clinic locations. The Group’s shares have been listed on the Düsseldorf stock exchange since 2018.

The Limes Schlosskliniken Group has acquired a majority stake in the private clinic Clinicum Alpinum via a capital increase, with all founding shareholders remaining on board. By acquiring a stake in Clinicum Alpinum, Limes Schlosskliniken is strengthening its offering in the DACH region with another exclusive location. Clinicum Alpinum and Limes Schlosskliniken will strengthen the international orientation of the clinic with the existing team around head physician Marc Risch. The capital increase was financed by Limes Schlosskliniken AG from liquid funds of the Limes Group.

What we did

Capitalmind Investec advised Limes Schlosskliniken throughout the acquisition process: Identifying and approaching a limited number of targets, building trusting relationships with the target’s shareholders, pre-screening and valuing the target, negotiating the letter of intent, managing the due diligence process and assisting in the negotiations with Clinicum Alpinum’s shareholders. 

Dr Gert Frank, CEO and majority owner Limes Schlosskliniken Group: Capitalmind Investec has convinced throughout the process with high quality advisory services and strong commitment to the project.

Target Headquarter
July 2023