Case Study

Aqseptence Group, a global leader in autonomous water and filtration technology, equipment and system solutions specialising in water treatment and liquid/solid separation, has attracted Oaktree, a leading global investment manager, as an investor.

Oaktree’s investment and expertise will provide Aqseptence Group with the necessary resources to continue to grow and innovate to best serve existing and new markets.

Interview with Baldassare La Gaetana, CEO of Aqseptence Group and Ervin Schellenberg, Managing Partner of Capitalmind Investec, taking us through the process and decision making of Oaktree’s majority investment in Aqseptence in a short video:

  • What is the Aqseptence Group? Why a new shareholder?
  • What is your sector and investor perception? – Opinion Ervin Schellenberg
  • Why is it important to work with an M&A advisor? – Opinion Baldassare La Gaetana
  • How was the collaboration with Capitalmind Investec?

Learn more about the deal

For nearly 25 years, Capitalmind Investec has been assisting its clients in reaching their strategic goals, whatever it takes, whether it’s by securing a strategic business, or maneuvering and winning a competitive auction process:

We are particularly adept at advising on the following situations:

  • Acquiring (family-owned) companies, groups, or other mid-market companies
  • Acquiring subsidiaries or business units from (international) corporates, including carve-outs
  • Acquiring businesses from a founder/(majority) shareholder, including succession
  • Acquiring shares owned by a private equity firm, family office or other investors

Designing and executing such transactions is what our team does on a daily basis. To ensure success, our team also leverages its extensive experience and unique capabilities, which include: deal intelligence, tactical, technical and project management skills, negotiation skills, and an understanding of the personal interests/sensitivities of relevant stakeholders.

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