Presence, coverage & track record all over the world

Over the last two decades we have built Capitalmind Investec into a global M&A advisory group, majority owned by its partners that draws on 150 professionals, organised in international sector teams and sponsor coverage. We maintain a regular dialogue with most likely buyers, sellers, equity/debt investors and target companies around the world. The majority of our projects are cross-border.

Continental Europe is our home market, which we cover with 75+ Capitalmind Investec professionals in 7 offices. Investec Advisory Group complements our coverage with 85 M&A professionals across UK, Asia and Africa.

Since 2019 Regions is our exclusive US Partner (incl BlackArch and Clearsight as its subsidiaries), adding a comprehensive coverage of the US middle market with 150 professionals in 11 offices across the US.

While being independent the advisory group benefits from the scale and scope of these large and resourceful financial institutions with an equitable interest. We are hence able to offer inter alia global lending and wealth management services.

Investec plc, a significant minority shareholder of Capitalmind Investec since 2021 following an exclusive M&A partnership since 2018, is a FTSE 250 company with £3 bn Marketcap and £48 bn assets under management. Dual-listed in London (UK) and Johannesburg (South Africa) with (i) full service banking (incl. corporate banking, debt, fund solutions, capital markets) and (ii) a significant international presence with 8,500 employees in U.K., Asia and Africa.

Regions Financial Group is a NYSE-listed financial corporation in the USA and a S&P500 with  $20 bn Marketcap. It is one of the largest banks in the US with some 1,600 branch offices and many longstanding business clients throughout the USA.