Understanding your company and your market environment are key factors for the success of your business.

Interview with Ervin Schellenberg, Managing Partner of Capitalmind Investec about how to make a traditional company fit:

  • How is the client’s situation?
  • How do you support your clients?
  • Giving an example

This video answers these questions and give you an idea and overview in a few minutes.

The industrial sector is undergoing profound change. In times of Industry 4.0, digitalisation and the development of alternative energies, new disruptive models are emerging that are forcing the major historical market leaders to rethink their strategy, organisation and industrial processes, integrating new forms of consumption, mobility, the emergence of subscription models, etc.

With more than 100 transactions in the industrial sector, our team is at the heart of the market, trends and M&A operations to provide you with effective support and high commercial added value for your sale, acquisition and financing operations.

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