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Interview with Matthias Holtmeyer, Managing Partner of Capitalmind Investec about sector trends in Healthcare:

  • Digitilization has been the buzzword for years. Why does it play such a big role in the health sector?
  • Why is this sector so interesting for investors?
  • What predestines Capitalmind Investec to advise on transactions in this area?
  • Please describe a case.

This video answers these questions and give you an idea and overview in a few minutes.

The far-reaching changes in the international healthcare markets often require decisive entrepreneurial action in order to overcome the new challenges that have arisen. However, this also opens up a wide range of economic prospects for the players involved.

We advise companies in the inpatient and outpatient sectors, including clinics, laboratories and medical groups, on sales, succession solutions, acquisitions and financing issues. A particular focus of our advice is in the outpatient sector, where we support companies in the development and financing of group formation concepts.

Thanks to our international presence, we are able to operate in all relevant European and non-European markets.

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