What we did

Capitalmind Investec supported MBIO in the raising of capital by identifying potential investors, preparation of relevant marketing and process documents, applying individual strategies for approaching and supporting MBIO in the negotiation process with financing partners from the first contact to the closing with the best partner.

About the deal

Micro-biolytics GmbH (MBIO), based in Esslingen, Germany is a successful technology and service provider. MBIO revolutionizes classical chemical analytics by taking a digital image of liquids within minutes and reproducing the chemical composition of the ingredients in the computer (“Digital Fingerprint of Liquids”). With this background, MBIO has a completely new approach which is key for many business initiatives regarding Industry 4.0, AI or Big Data.

For the very first time, with this technology, it is possible to get worldwide transferable analytical results in a few minutes easily and inexpensively, where traditional methods require a lot of manpower and a great deal of time and money. Solutions from MBIO, therefore, open up unimagined strategic and monetary opportunities for the chemical, biotech and pharmaceutical industries in a wide variety of application areas such as R&D, Logistics, QM, Production, Purchasing, and Sales. This is why many noted customers already rely on the support of MBIO.

The direct investment of DAH Beteiligungs GmbH, pave the way for MBIO┬┤s sustainable growth and competitiveness in the industrial technology sector.

Target Headquarter
March 2019