Growth funding for Tinubu Square

TMT / Business Services
Deal type
Debt Advisory / Buy a business
April 2014
Countries involved
France / Belgium


Tinubu Square is a French leader in solutions for credit risk management


Capitalmind assisted Tinubu Square’s main shareholder in the financing of the acquisition of the minority stake held by the Belgian Private Equity Fund GIMV


Lead team

  • Michel Degryck

    Michel Degryck

    Managing Partner France
  • Jean-Arthur Dattée

    Jean-Arthur Dattée

    Partner France

What we did

Capitalmind designed a deal structure enabling the founders to acquire GIMV’s stake with a low amount of new capital and a relevant amount of debt.

Based on its good knowledge of local banks and private banks, we were able to build a solution with very good conditions (very low rates for such transaction, no covenant, no warranty) in a very short period of time (4 weeks), which was a key to close the deal on time.