About the deal

Berk Partners acquires a stake in coffee company Royal Taste.

Royal Taste is the specialist in the field of producing and supplying private label coffee blends. In consultation with the customer, unique blends are made from 90 different coffee beans with different roasting times and temperatures. Royal Taste carries over 140 different tailor-made blends and about 20 blends from its own range. In addition to the private label blends, instant coffee and by-products such as milk powder, cocoa and creamer sticks are also offered. Customers include businesses, catering and intermediaries.

Edwin van Barreveld (Founder) foresees interesting growth opportunities: “With the involvement of Berk Partners, we can further expand and professionalize internationally and the networks of Berk Partners will also become available for Royal Taste.”

The collaboration with Berk Partners is a conscious choice, says Rolf Hoksbergen (Founder). “This partnership gives us the opportunity to further focus on commerce and growing the business, supporting Berk Partners to shape further growth. Berk Partners has gained a lot of experience in the past with growing companies.”

“Royal Taste fits in well with our investment policy. The food industry is one of our preferred sectors. Royal Taste is active in an attractive growth market and occupies a leading position there. The current management has a very good track record. With the increasing focus on quality in this sector, the role of Royal Taste will only increase.” said Willem Kamps (Berk Partners).

Berk Partners, originated from Berk Holding, the investment vehicle of Mr Ben Pon founded in the 1970s, is an independent private equity fund focusing on successful, well-run, (family) companies with headquarters in the Netherlands that are active in the food, manufacturing and healthcare sector. Berk Partners supports entrepreneurs in accelerating growth and generating business value from companies.

What we did

Capitalmind Investec advised the shareholders of Royal Taste throughout the sales process, with: (i) Drafting marketing materials, (ii) Approaching potential buyers, (iii) Price negotiations, (iv) Managing due diligence and (v) Coordinating legal documentation.

Target Headquarter
October 2021