About the deal

Salarise is a unique peer-to-peer salary based lending platform, established by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs including Kalo Bagijn (co-founder of Binckbank and Brand New Day). Salarise is a social fintech company that aims to strengthen the financial position of consumers by providing them the lowest interest rates.

The capital raise of Salarise supported by DELA will not only allow the 2,000 employees of DELA to gain benefit from this platform but also allows Salarise to accelerate its growth and have impact on Dutch society as a whole. People will be able to work towards a financially healthy future that is not subject to heavy debt burdens and excessive debt-related stress.

“The looming debt problem in the Netherlands is huge. With this unique financial solution, we can contribute to a healthier consumer credit environment together. In addition, this fits within our ambition to ‘bear each other’s burdens’, reach new levels of social impact and increase solidarity in Dutch society. Together we will be able to reach the unattainable for each individual.” – Sanne Geurtsen, Innovation Manager at DELA.

What we did

Capitalmind Investec has actively supported DELA all along the investment process, shaping thoughts on valuation, negotiations and deal structure.

Target Headquarter
November 2021