About the deal

Founded in 2006, Stanwell is a leader in strategy and transformation consulting, now comprising a team of over 100 consultants led by 11 partners. Its unique positioning combines strategic vision for business models with the ability to support transformation plans, drawing on areas of expertise and the ability to create customized solutions in the Banking, Insurance and Social Protection sectors, both in core business areas as well as in cross-functional areas such as HR, Finance & Risk and IT/Innovation. Stanwell has built strong relationships with major French banks and insurance groups.

Convinced that innovation, technological and economic development depend on effective collaboration between large companies and startups, Stanwell co-founded the ‘Blue Circle’ association in 2015. Two years later, a third brand was launched: WedR, a technological subsidiary of Stanwell, with the ambition of leveraging technology and data to drive business transformations.

Stanwell’s management team wanted to finalize the transmission from the founders to the team of operational partners and to initiate a new development stage thanks to the support of a financial sponsor.

Capitalmind Investec assisted Stanwell’s management team designing the MBO deal, which led Capza Transition to invest in the group as a minority shareholder.

What we did

Capitalmind Investec supported Stanwell’s management team throughout the transaction process: defining deal tactics, selecting investors, preparing marketing documentation, managing Q&As and dataroom, conducting a competitive bidding process, raising debt and providing active execution support in negotiating with potential investors.

Target Headquarter
February 2023
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