About the deal

Generating more than €300m in sales in 2021 and operating 77 locations, Fauché group is the leading independent player in the electrical engineering industry in France. Positioned across the entire energy services value chain, the group operates from the design of electrical installations (low voltage, high voltage, process and automation) to the maintenance of equipment and systems.

As part of its new strategic plan, Fauché group wished to refocus on its historical core business and sell its design and manufacturing activities of power plants and power generators carried out by Fauché Énergie.

Novakamp is a portfolio company of Sparring Capital (French PE) since December 2020. Initially involved in housing electrical works through its subsidiaries Kapi and Novae, NovaKamp is a reference partner for the Ministry of the Armed Forces as an energy solutions integrator and a life bases provider for foreign operations.

The sale of Fauché Energie is in line with Fauché group’s desire to optimize its business portfolio and to refocus on its core business while Novakamp opens up new commercial opportunities for Fauché Energie.

What we did

Capitalmind Investec has assisted Fauché group throughout the process: designing the transaction strategy, marketing material preparation, modelling business plans, qualifying potential buyers most likely to value Fauché Energie’s positioning, structuring the deal and conducting final negotiations.

Target Headquarter
March 2022