About the deal

Founded in 1833 in Grasse, Groupe Tournaire was originally specialized in the design, manufacture and commissioning of leading-edge natural raw material processing units sold to the fragrance industry. Thanks to its strong reputation and customer intimacy, the group then expanded its business into the design & manufacture of specialty barrier packaging solutions used not only by the fragrance industry, but also by the healthcare, beauty, personal & home care industries as well as the crop protection market. The family owned group which now reports some €80m revenues, predominantly in the packaging industry, was eager to sell off its raw material processing unit business (Tournaire Equipment) to unlock stronger growth in its core barrier packaging business.

Capitalmind Investec advised Groupe Tournaire on the disposal of Tournaire Equipment which led to its sale to Group ADF on July, 1st 2021.

Groupe ADF (3,200 employees in 12 countries on 4 continents) is one of the major players in engineering and maintenance services for industry, focusing on three activities: engineering and expertise, supply of production and testing equipment, and production and maintenance services. Throughout this acquisition, Group ADF aims to reinforce its position within the markets served by Tournaire Equipment and leverage a common engineering culture to further grow the business globally.

What we did

Capitalmind Investec has assisted Groupe Tournaire all along the sale process: creating the equity story and marketing documentation, advising transaction strategy & deal tactics, qualifying most likely buyers & best partners for the business, and organizing a competitive bid up to closing.

This deal illustrates Capitalmind Investec’s know-how in supporting family groups in streamlining their businesses portfolio. This project also enriches Capitalmind Investec’s track-record in industrial equipment & technology.

Target Headquarter
July 2021