About the deal

Verkeersveiligheid Groep Nederland (VGN) has been sold to Festina Lente, the investment arm of the Dontje family office. VGN is incorporated in a relative complex legal and financial holding structure, including multiple interdependencies through several current accounts.

The shareholder of the holding asked Capitalmind Investec to de-complex the set-up. Through an asset deal the carve out was realized successfully. Upon completion hereof, the holding was able to settle most interdependencies and was finally able to clean up the structure, as Eric Tolboom, CEO of the holding declared.

Capitalmind Investec experienced that shareholder was willing to accept the first offer in this process. By careful continuation of negotiations, buyer was encouraged to improve its first offer significantly. The proceeds from the transaction were finally way above the initial expectations of selling shareholder.

What we did

Capitalmind Investec advised the shareholders of Verkeersveiligheid Groep Nederland throughout the sell-side process, with:

  • Documentation and verification of financial carve out of relevant assets;
  • Preparing accessible information;
  • Advising on final structure of transaction;
  • Price negotiations;
  • Managing due diligence;
  • Coordinating legal documentation phase.
Deal Type
Target Headquarter
January 2021