About the deal

Between April and the beginning of June 2023, Capitalmind Investec financed the working capital of several companies based in Germany. All these financings are unsecured, with maturities of 3 to 5 years and fixed coupons of 7% to 9.9% per annum. The average time from first contact to payment was 3 weeks.

The companies we advised include Nova Bauen Gruppe, an owner-managed project development and construction company; Alucom AG, a spin-off of the former aluminium compound business of the Japanese chemical group Kurita, which focuses on solutions for various industries, paper and water treatment and the construction sector, based on aluminium compounds developed by the company itself; and Berner Group, a traditional Berlin company that builds and sells high-quality residential properties throughout Germany.

On a further completed facility we have advised the Mexx Getränkegruppe, a Southern Germany-based company operating in the food & beverage sector. Finally, for a real estate company with a focus on residential and commercial real estate and development.

What we did

  • Analysis of the situation & status quo,
  • Development of a financing story for potential lenders,
  • Preparation of documents for approaching the relevant lenders,
  • Analysing and contacting potential financing partners
  • Obtaining term sheets and providing support until the contract was signed and disbursed.
Deal Type
Target Headquarter
June 2023