About the deal

SAC Sirius Advanced Cybernetics is a long established player in the machine vision industry, offering cutting edge products and solutions in surface inspection, inline 3D, deep learning and computational imaging for attractive end markets like automotive, food & beverage, health care, electronics etc. SAC solutions run with inhouse developed software suite Coake, a machine learning featured software operating system being able to integrate not only SAC products but third party components as well. By acquiring the trevista system in 2013 SAC made a significant step towards a highly innovative, IP protected application systems family based on a dome shaped lighting solution.

For a succession solution the shareholders decided to find a partner, to whose product and technology portfolio SAC would add a valuable part, at the same time leveraging on an international sales and marketing organization.

Despite a challenging market situation, with high energy prices and inflation due to the Ukraine war and – even more difficult – supply chain disruptions as a consequence e.g. of the Corona pandemic Capitalmind Investec was able to design a thoroughly targeted investors process. Based on a comprehensive understanding of the sector landscape and existing relationships to relevant players the sale process was build specifically around a few selected potential partners in order to achieve both an efficient procedure and attractive terms for the shareholders.

Being one of the global leaders in machine vision Cognex’ interest especially targeted the competence and know-how connected with SAC’s trevista products and thus offered an attractive perspective, both from a strategic as well as the company succession point of view.

Being positioned in the market for >25 years SAC develops and produces vision products and solutions for inline inspection and quality assurance and high-end industrial machine vision software. Based on its outstanding vision and IT competence SAC enables its clients to realize a significant level of automation and quality.

“As a company characterised by high technology and software competence, we found a strategic succession solution in an international context. Capitalmind Investec made an important contribution to this: the comprehensive knowledge of the machine vision and automation industry including access to potential partners, an extraordinarily focused transaction process and the experience in corporate succession transactions were a great advantage for the owners in this project.” Dieter A. Riehl, co-founder and former co-shareholder SAC Sirius Advanced Cybernetics GmbH

What we did

Capitalmind Investec has advised the shareholders and the management team of SAC throughout the entire preparation and sale process: the definition of a very focused and strategic approach to selected potential partners, the formulation of a sustainable and value-enhancing equity story, the preparation of all marketing and process documents,, the preparation and support of the due diligence process in close cooperation with the management as well as the negotiation of the commercial deal parameters until closing.

Deal Type
Target Headquarter
December 2022