For nearly 25 years, we have been advising corporates, family-owned groups, SME founders and investment funds on monetizing their businesses:

  • Sale of privately-owned companies and family-owned groups;
  • Corporate disposals and business carve outs on behalf of corporates ;
  • Disposal of portfolio companies on behalf of private equity houses and family offices.

Our clients hire us for our proven ability to assist them in reaching their strategic goals, whatever it takes. To ensure this, we commit significant time and resources to understanding your business before preparing it for sale, pre-screening the market to assess the best available options, tailoring the right process for the situation, and ultimately doing whatever is necessary to seamlessly execute the pre-defined deal. To ensure success, our team also leverages its extensive experience and unique capabilities, which include: deal intelligence, tactical, technical and project management skills, negotiation skills, and the all-important human touch to make the deal happen.

Interview with Michel Degryck, Managing Partner of Capitalmind Investec, about the sale of a business:

  • In essence, what is a sale of a business?
  • Timing and key steps of the sale process
  • The key to a successful sale
  • What is the preparation phase?
  • Why using Capitalmind Investec?

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