Plenty of targets and lower purchase prices: The current market situation does not provide a bad environment for bold buy-and-build strategies – even for particularly aggressive ones.

Capitalmind Investec Managing Partner Ervin Schellenberg and Thorsten Gladiator talk with financial editor Michael Hedtstück in this episode of ‘What’s up, Corporate Finance?’ about opportunities for buy-and-build strategies in the current market situation – with a special focus on strategic and financial planning. They discuss current trends and opportunities, risk management and financing and analyse best practice examples and their success factors.

The key questions:

  1. What makes buy-and-build strategies particularly strong?
  2. What is the best way to integrate strategic planning, risk management and financial planning?
  3. Why do you need entrepreneurs who are hungry but can also let gonnen?
  4. How long does it actually take to save Ervin’s and Thorsten’s Excel models?

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