Automotive Interiors & Exteriors

Automotive Interiors & Exteriors continues to benefit from strong industry trends, such as greater emphasis on vehicle differentiation and the integration of additional features. The global market is forecasted to grow by CAGR of 3.3%, reaching €316bn by 2020.

Consolidation continues to race along in the Interiors & Exteriors segment of the Automotive Suppliers market, driven by divestitures from conglomerates who are choosing to focus on more profitable ‘core’ activities. Strategic investors (primarily specialists) are seizing on the opportunity for (‘bolt-on’) acquisitions – to enhance and to diversify their product and customer portfolios, and to expand international footprints.

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Ferdinand Robert Schulhauser
Ferdinand Robert Schulhauser
Senior Advisor

“Interiors & Exteriors continue to be a hot area for M&A among Automotive Suppliers – over the last 12 months, we saw some spectacular deals in the seating suppliers segment. Looking forward, we expect deal activity to remain high in 2018, thanks to the favorable market outlook fragmented competitive landscape and wide availability of interested strategic and PE investors.”

Bart Jonkman
Bart Jonkman
Managing Partner

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