Considerable M&A activity in the Rental Industry

There has been considerable M&A activity in the Rental industry with multiples up to 10x EBITDA. The strongly growing market combined with the complexity, engineering and customisation of solutions are driving margins. These factors also drive valuation multiples, next to the recurring nature of the business.

Key Insights

  • The European Rental Association (ERA) valued the industry at €26 bln in 2018. The global market being valued at $93 bln (2019) and expected to grow with almost 5% per year until 2027. The biggest market in Europe (although not the strongest grower) is the UK. France and Germany are the two other largest markets in Europe and also among the strongest growing ones. Besides, The Dutch market grows equal to the overall European market, with a 4.4% growth rate.
  • The use of rental solutions is still strongest in the (construction) equipment market. Although we do see rental solutions spreading over other markets as well, like office equipment, plus industrial and consumer markets.
  • Key drivers of growth in the Rental industry are:
    • The market is growing ahead of the general economy;
    • Increased regulations around safety asking for the latest up to date solutions;
    • Increased penetration of rental instead of buying as a result of better use of capital and focus on Total Cost of Ownership decision making;
    • Increased recognition of the role of rental in ensuring sustainable solutions;
    • Long-term trend towards ‘sharing economy’.
  • Valuation multiples are typically around 7.5x EBITDA with players who are focused on more and/or relatively rare complex solutions receiving the highest multiples. In addition, the more recurring the business the higher the multiple. Listed companies being valued on an average of 10x EBITDA.
  • Managing the quality of the (asset) rental fleet is key: maintenance, replacement capex and expansion capex.

Bart Jonkman

Managing Partner - Europe
Benelux, Nordics

“The Rental solutions sector is becoming more and more of interest to strategic buyers as well as Private Equity. This is mainly related to the continuously increased penetration of rental instead of buying, the increased possibilities on improving utilization rates and better use of capital, resulting in further improvement of margins. The higher the complexity of the solution provided and the more recurring the business, the higher the multiple.”

Marleen Vermeer

Partner - Benelux

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