Extensive track record combined with deep industry knowledge

Interview with Jürgen Schwarz, Managing Partner of Capitalmind Investec about the role aggregators play in the e-commerce market:

  • How is the client’s situation?
  • How is the e-commerce market structured?
  • How can we operate the sales process?
  • Giving an example

This video answers these questions and give you an idea and overview in a few minutes.

The dynamic and rapidly changing consumer goods sector is facing major challenges due to advancing digitalisation and the emergence of new disruptive business models. We drill down into sub-sectors that show strong growth potential and/or an increase in consolidation.

In the context of this fiercer competition and increasing consolidation activity, we support you in identifying and realising entrepreneurial opportunities.

The majority of our transactions are cross-border – within Europe and beyond – and are carried out by an international team of experienced advisors with extensive sector and transaction expertise.

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