Financial restructuring for Shareholders & Lenders

Helping clients to navigate uncertainties while putting their businesses back on track

Interview with Jürgen Schwarz, Managing Partner of Capitalmind Investec about Restructuring with the help of a M&A process:

  • How did the market change in recent years?
  • What is your approach?
  • Giving an example

This video answers these questions and give you an idea and overview in a few minutes.

Sale from insolvency

Due to our pan-European presence and track record we are well placed to advise on international and cross-border restructurings.

Our international sector teams implement more than 50 transactions p.a. and in many sectors they know the active buyers, the acquisition criteria, the behaviour of individual decision makers. We also have an up-to-date overview of the market prices paid, which vary considerably over time and depending on the positioning in the sector.

Capitalmind Investec has direct access to numerous international equity and debt capital providers and has carried out numerous restructurings ranging from approximately 10 million Euros to several billion Euros.

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