About the deal

Generating around €250m in revenues in 2019, ME Groupe (previously known as Photo-Me) operates, sells and services a wide range of instant service vending equipment, primarily aimed at the consumer market. The group currently operates more than 44,600 vending units on four principal areas: Identification, Laundry, Kiosks, and Food.

As part of its strategic plan, ME Group is looking for diversification through external growth opportunities in Europe.

Photo-Me acquired a top three French manufacturer of pizza vending machines, Resto’Clock, in order to develop its Food segment expertise. These vending machines offer consumers self-service pizza 24/7 ready in four minutes, as well as pizza machines aimed at the B2B hospitality market (restaurants and takeaways).

What we did

Capitalmind Investec has assisted Photo-Me all along the acquisition process: identifying and contacting potential targets, information gathering, financial review assistance, LOI submission, due-diligence monitoring, and assistance all the way to closing.

Deal Type
Target Headquarter
October 2021