What we did

Capitalmind Investec advised the two private equity funds along with the management of Edel group, the acquiring entity, on the acquisition of Schramm. Also supported on financing of the transaction. Tight process management with unexperienced sellers & orchestrated all involved parties cross-border. We built a strong relationship with the sellers and sellers‘ advisors and positioned Edel Group as a good owner of Schramm. Capitalmind Investec negotiated detailed terms for the transaction mutually acceptable to all parties and secured a transition and succession for the sellers. We supported during due diligence & negotiations and provided bank contacts & verified financing alternatives.


About the deal

O2 Capital and Value Enhancement Partners acquired Schramm, producer of technically advanced synthetic yarns mainly for the artificial grass end-market. Schramm is a perfect add-on to the jointly build portfolio of the two funds holding Edel group, a producer of carpets and artificial grass as well as the tufting firm Green Tech. Helped the founding family with their succession, with a solutions, that provides a promising perspective for the firm and keeps them involved as desired. Deal financed by ABN AMRO.

Deal Type
Target Headquarter
January 2017