About the deal

Centre Grains is acquired by Saipol, a subsidiary of Avril group, based in Sète. The acquisition of Centre Grains enables Saipol to consolidate its activity in the port of Sète, from the reception of oilseeds to the shipment of products and by-products: vegetable proteins and decarbonated energies.

Built in 2010, in order to develop the flow of cereals and oilseeds to the port of Sète, Centre Grains is now mainly dedicated to supporting Saipol Sète’s activity of processing rapeseed, storing rapeseed intended for crushing, storing protein-rich oilseed cake for export, and storing sunflower hulls used by the biomass boiler that supplies the site’s energy.

Axéréal is a French leading agricultural and food processing cooperative group. The group operates in France and around the world, originating grain and specializing in the grain processing for the brewing, milling and livestock industries. Axéréal originates and processes 4.5 million tons of grain each year. The group includes 11,000 cooperative members and close to 4,000 employees and has a turnover of €3 billion.

Saipol is the French leader in the processing of rapeseed and sunflower seeds and one of the European leaders in the crushing and refining of vegetable oils and the production of biodiesel.

What we did

Capitalmind Investec has assisted Axéréal group all along the sale process: designing deal tactics, handling the negotiation in order to maximize the terms of the transaction, managing the process with all counterparts (incl. managing due diligences, supervising transition and TSA, preparing of Axéréal board meetings, etc.)

Target Headquarter
October 2022