What we did

Capitalmind Investec accompanied the M&A processes from the very beginning. Preparation of marketing documents, identification and approach of selected strategic & financial buyers, Q&A, negotiations, input for LOI/SPA and coordination of all parties involved.

We managed to maintain competitive pressure in the auction process and achieved a price double the initial valuation.

About the deal

Enssner is one of the oldest language service provider (LSP) in the German market. The focus lies on  translation of over 50 languages. The company has a focused position in the value chain. It acts solely  as process manager between customers and actual translators – mainly long-term suppliers and view freelancers. It does not engage in-house translators. Due to the booming market and their business model it enjoyed strong growth in recent years.

In the course of his succession planning, the managing owner Christian Enssner has decided to sell to a strong new shareholder, to take the business to the next growth level.

For acquirer Auctus Capital, this is the first add-on acquisition in the pursuit, to build a leading LSP group. As a nucleus, they had acquired Enssner’s largest supplier Wohanka Obermaier & Kollegen.

While selling 80% of his shares, Christian Enssner roles up the remaining 20% to the top HoldCo level and remains invested. He will take up sales and business development functions in the enlarged group.

Deal Type
Target Headquarter
December 2018