What we did

Capitalmind Investec advised Van den Belt Capital on the participation in Teamshape and actively supported investors all along the investment process, shaping thoughts on valuation and deal structure. Capitalmind Investec also advised Teamshape on the additional working capital facility.

About the deal

Teamshape was previously known as Invitra and founded by Eric Tolboom. Over the past years Teamshape has developed a unique platform for employees to get trust and connection with their employer based on their own interests, while the employer benefits from lower attrition and sickness leave. After various pilots with organizations like KLM and Connexion, Teamshape is now ready for a growth phase over the coming years. Frank van den Belt, who has been successful as business leader in Solvinity, will join Teamshape as CEO, while Eric Tolboom will continue as CPO.

Target Headquarter
May 2020