About the deal

Capitalmind Investec advised on the recapitalisation of the financing structure with a focus on securing the continued high growth of the business. We were involved in preparing marketing materials, screening and selection of investors, management of the due diligence and negotiation of terms and conditions of the deal plus ultimate closing of the transaction.

MwareTV is a dedicated expert for turnkey cloud based solutions and strongly focuses on providing operators with an end to end solution for IPTV / OTT as a one stop shop. Over-the-top (OTT), which are streaming services over the public internet, as well as internet-protocol television (IPTV), which means proving services on an own managed network are part of the video streaming market, growing with high double digit growth rates.

They provide their customers (a.o. Internet Service Providers, Telco Operators and System Integrators) the solution to be able to offer TV and VOD services to their subscribers. Their solution is a white label, easy to manage and cost effective end to end solution, based on a modular design. The business is operating through a highly scalable licensed recurring revenue model and has a strong position in Europe, APAC, Africa as well as the US.

Target Headquarter
October 2020