What we did

Capitalmind Investec actively supported Green Swan by arranging financing and along the (final stages of the) buy-side process of the Dutch Intertoys stores.

About the deal

Green Swan is a Portuguese investment group. Green Swan already owns the toy store chains Maxi Toys (170 toy stores in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland), Bart Smit (39 stores in Belgium) as well as the Spanish and Portuguese operations of Toys ‘’R’’ Us.

Intertoys is a Dutch toy store chain, established in 1976 and previously owned by the British Alteri Investors. Intertoys owns 286 stores, with approximately 3.200 employees and was declared bankrupt in the Netherlands. A further 100 stores are run by Dutch franchisers. The stores are located in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.

With Green Swan’s extensive experience in the space as well as a strong portfolio of proprietary products, they expect to be able to turnaround the chosen Dutch Intertoys stores. The strong (international) presence of Intertoys in geographical areas in which Green Swan has limited to no presence can also provide ample opportunity for internationalisation and cross-selling.

Target Headquarter
March 2019