What we did

Capitalmind Investec actively supported CBizz along the entire sell-side process and was responsible for the production and preparation of marketing materials, discussions with relevant strategic buyers ending with a one-on-one with DELTA Fiber Netherlands, management of the due diligence, negotiation of terms and conditions of the deal.

About the deal

Sale of CBizz to DELTA Fiber Netherlands. CBizz is active in the glass fiber infrastructure market for business clients and operates more than 100 business parks in the Netherlands.

CBizz is originated as a part of CAIW which is incorporated into DELTA Fiber Netherlands since 2018. CAIW was a regional cable provider in the Netherlands, providing radio, television and telephony services to the south west part of the Netherlands. Since 2009 the activities for the B2B market became independent and incorporated under CAIW Netwerken B.V. On April 7th 2010 the name of the independent company Caiway Business was changed into CBizz.

Since its launch, CBizz has grown to become one of the most innovative telcom companies focusing on the B2B market.

DELTA Fiber Netherlands is one of the leading companies in the Netherlands that offers multimedia solutions to residential and business clients in the Netherlands. The organization has more than 500 employees and is actively involved in providing glass fiber to business clients. The deal will complement DELTA’s Internet & Communication businesses and will accelerate the growth plan for the B2B market.

Deal Type
Target Headquarter
February 2019