About the deal

Kairnial Group and Thinkproject, two leading SaaS solutions providers for the construction and real estate sectors, join forces to create the most complete Construction Tech platform in Europe.

Headquartered in Lyon, France, Kairnial Group offers collaborative asset management solutions (BIM, document management, construction site monitoring…). The group serves 500 clients such as Bouygues, VINCI, Spie Batignolles, Nexity, and ADP. Kairnial enables its clients to digitally transform their business processes and to facilitate the coordination of stakeholders all along the design, construction, delivery, operation and deconstruction phases. Kairnial Group operates in France, Switzerland, Spain, the UK, Dubaï and Australia, through its subsidiaries Kairnial (formerly known as Resolving), Kalidoc and Intrasec.

Thinkproject is the leading European SaaS solutions provider for construction and engineering projects with more than 2,750 customers and 600 employees. Since its creation in 2000, Thinkproject has acquired 11 companies specializing in construction software solutions, addressing the needs of private and public asset owners, real estate developers and construction companies.

Together, the companies aim to better meet their customers expectations and to further accelerate the end-to-end digitalization of the construction sector by covering the entire lifecycle of assets. This approach should enable Thinkproject and Kairnial to support their customers in increasing their sustainability, to improve project planning and to reduce delays, waste and thus, costs.

What we did

Capitalmind Investec advised Kairnial Group’s shareholders and management team throughout the sale process: designing the transaction strategy, drawing the equity story and the growth project, highlighting major KPIs and key parameters to optimize a SaaS business valuation, approaching a limited number of relevant investors while setting up the right level of competition in order to optimize the transaction (value, timeline, governance, strategic plan).

« Capitalmind Investec’s network and their perfect understanding of a SaaS business key issues, combined with their unfailing involvement and availability, were decisive in our successful transaction with Thinkproject » says Franck MEUDEC, CEO – Kairnial Group.

Deal Type
Target Headquarter
February 2022