About the deal

Founded in 2012, Lipofabrik specialises in the research and development of biosolutions. The company has developed a unique biostimulant on the market based on Bacillus subtilis (a bacterium of biological origin), which has been launched on the market this year. The company owns a promising and innovative biocontrol products portfolio in development, based on purified biological active molecules.

The takeover of Lipofabrik by Eléphant Vert will enable the company to continue its R&D efforts and to accelerate the commercialisation of the biostimulant, PlantBoost.

What we did

Capitalmind Investec assisted Lipofabrik’s shareholders throughout the sale process: designing the transaction strategy, presounding, marketing material preparation, dataroom management, execution support during the due diligence process and the financial negotiations.

This deal illustrates Capitalmind Investec’s know-how in supporting companies in their growth project. It also enriches our track-record in cross-border food & agro strategic sale.

Deal Type
Target Headquarter
January 2022