What we did

Capitalmind Investec advised the Axéréal and Terrena groups during a complex operation requiring the coordination of many different contacts (potential buyers, legal advisers, notaries, real estate agents, real estate experts, M & A advisers, etc.) in order to allow the successful completion of the transaction.

Capitalmind Investec actively supported Terrena and Axéréal along the sell-side process: preliminary analysis, deal structuring, marketing materials preparation, screening and selection of the relevant strategic buyers, support in the identification and contact of real estate companies to partner up with the buyer and ease the financing of the acquisition, valuation guidance, management of the due diligences, negotiation of terms and conditions of the deal, assistance in the social communication phase and in the carve-out preparation etc.

About the deal

The ceded network, which generates a turnover of approx. €90 million, includes 90 Gamm vert garden centers located in France, a logistics platform, as well as the premises of 69 of the ceded garden centers. Marne & FInance, a real estate fund, worked with InVivo Retail to finance the acquisition of 43 of the 69 properties sold.

Target Headquarter
December 2017