Investec and Capitalmind Investec are delighted to announce that they have entered into a strategic transaction which will see Investec acquire a significant minority stake in Capitalmind Investec, to strengthen international and sector M&A capabilities.

Investec and Capitalmind Investec first established an international advisory partnership in 2018. The two firms’ advisory operations are characterised by outstanding geographic complementarity: Investec provides Capitalmind Investec with connectivity to the United Kingdom, Ireland, Asia and Africa, while Capitalmind Investec joins Investec’s advisory business to most of Western Europe, and in particular to Germany, France, the Benelux countries, Scandinavia and Switzerland.

From the perspective of business sectors, Investec’s areas of focus with respect to advisory largely mirror those of Capitalmind Investec. These include, inter alia, industrials, technology, media & telecommunications, business services, consumer, food & agriculture, healthcare, energy, financial services, and infrastructure.

Investec and Capitalmind Investec share an entrepreneurial DNA, similar values and strategic alignment to each other, being focused on providing service excellence to growth-orientated companies. Following the transaction, the respective advisory teams will become more closely integrated, sharing knowledge, expertise and client coverage. In addition, Capitalmind Investec will be able to leverage Investec’s broader range of client solutions such as acquisition finance, equity capital markets and debt capital markets into its Continental European client base.

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