Options for financial survival

In case you or your company needs (financial) help in a challenging situation such as COVID-19 there are several ways of action and options, including:

  1. Cash flow management: fine tune your monthly or even (bi-)weekly cash flow overviews (past & future), enabling you to properly assess risks, ‘stop the bleeding’ and pragmatically fix issues;
  2. Raise capital: when in need, renegotiate your existing (bank) debt or try to raise additional capital with (international) financiers like (PE) investors, mezzanine/debt funds and banks;
  3. Selling, merging or restarting: in case your company is in distress or in a ‘near bankruptcy situation’ one needs to also look at: (i) potentially selling, merging or carving out (part of) your business or the (non-core) assets or (ii) restructure your company including a possible restart (‘doorstart’) of your company with the administrator / trustee in bankruptcy (‘bewindvoerder/curator’).

Obviously, there are more ways to solve a difficult financial situation. At the same time it is important to ‘Keep It Simple’ in a crises like situation. That’s why we focus on these three main options.

Please keep in mind:

  • In any crises take time to go over your options, and do this sooner rather than later;
  • Make sure that you have enough options; do not bet on 1 or just a few solutions;
  • This is a very complex and non-transparant process, usually international;
  • Speed and (deal) certainty are essential;
  • We have restructured numerous companies and have the right international contacts to arrange a speedy recovery.

Whether your company – or you as a shareholder or creditor – need help or are in ‘near bankruptcy situations’ we have ample track record to assist you.

To access and download the Financial Survival – restructuring report click here

For enquiries, please contact: bart.jonkman@capitalmind.com or marleen.vermeer@capitalmind.com

Bart Jonkman

Managing Partner - Europe
Benelux, Nordics

“As Capitalmind Investec we can help you in various ways, be it the very survival of your company or growth opportunities. Often the solution will have an international angle, approaching worldwide financiers or buyers. In any case we will get you the best possible result and ‘Keep It Simple’ ”

Marleen Vermeer

Partner - Benelux

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